New Air Technologies' mission is to deliver technologies with environmentally friendly products and services to residential, commercial, industrial and municipal clients for a greener and cleaner world. We have combined revolutionary forces in chemistry, technology and innovation with a unique patented application and the usage of TiO2 to achieve the goal of air purification. Our expert team has developed a patented process which has proven to be a quantum leap in providing ultra clean surfaces and superior indoor air quality.

New Air Technologies, Inc
New Air Technologies Develops Proven Non-Toxic Odor and Indoor Air Quality Abatement Process

New Air Technologies has developed, patented and proven a non-toxic, green process guaranteed to permanently eliminate unhealthy odors and improve indoor air quality. Backed by scientific studies, and reaffirmed by customer testimonials, this nationally recognized process creates healthier environments through greener and cleaner air.

The New Air Technologies clean air remediation process is 100% safe. And the nanotechnology used by New Air Technologies is “self-sustaining,” requiring only one application.  

  • 100% Safe for people and pets
  • No PPE gear necessary
  • Proven process backed by scientific studies
  • Long-lasting results; no repeat applications required
  • Leader in the field of odor abatement and indoor air quality

For more information on how New Air Technologies can solve your odor abatement and indoor air quality problems, please contact us.  We’ll change the way you think about indoor-air quality – Guaranteed.