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Clean Air Services in Connecticut

New Air Technologies, Inc. delivers air purification services to home and business owners, through a revolutionary process called negative ion generation. We employ an innovative, unique, patented application of TiO2 to eliminate odors, bacteria, mold spores and much more from your breathable air. Let us introduce you to ultra-clean surfaces and superior indoor air quality!

Odor Removal Service

 Results that don’t mask odors—we completely eliminate them!

Indoor Air Quality Services

To restore the quality of your air, choose New Air Technologies, Inc.

Mold Detection & Removal

To restore the quality of your air, choose New Air Technologies, Inc.

Experience the Cleanest Air in the World

Even if you think the air in your home or business is clean, you might be surprised to learn what’s floating around in it. Everything from microscopic dust and allergens, to mold spores and bacteria, to odorous particulates that eventually become trapped in your carpet and furniture—all of these things will linger until they’re removed. That’s where New Air Technologies, Inc. comes in!

Our approach to cleaning your indoor air is lasting and safe. We don’t use chemicals, and our treatments generally last for extended periods of time, allowing you to reap the benefits of clean, safe, enjoyable airflow in your home or business. Stop coughing and sneezing or dealing with bacteria and mold spores—let us reinvigorate your air and leave it feeling comfortable with each breath you take!

We are proud to be the beset in indoor air quality in the U.S. and are happy to serve internationally, as well as local areas such as:

  • Middlesex County, CT
  • New Haven County, CT
  • Tolland County, CT
  • New London County, CT
  • Hartford County, CT
  • Suffolk County, CT

John Carlson, Founder and CEO

Mr. Carlson entered the world of indoor air quality when he was (literally) struck by lightning and placed in a low-pressure hyperbaric chamber, which kept his body free from all viruses and bacteria. After recovering, he decided to turn a home into this type of chamber with the same bacterial “killing” power. Through trial and error, New Air Technologies has perfected this technology and guarantees the finest indoor air quality in the world. In the future, John sees the company as a revolutionary force in chemistry, technology and innovation, providing ultra-clean surfaces and superior indoor air quality.