Residential Indoor Air Quality Testing in Middlesex County, CT

We spend a majority of our time in our homes or in the office buildings where we work. This means constantly breathing recycled air. As airborne particles, odors and irritants get into this system, it has a negative effect on our health and wellbeing. Commercial and residential indoor air quality testing in Middlesex County, and surrounding areas of Connecticut often shows high levels of pathogens in the air we’re breathing each day.

To restore the quality of your air and remove all of the negative detractors from it, choose New Air Technologies, Inc. We not only engage in robust residential and commercial air quality testing in Middlesex County, CT, we have the products necessary to renew your air. Every product we use is organic and we leave no caustic chemicals behind. Instead, we rely on negative ion generation and a unique, patented application of TiO2 to reinvigorate your air!

Indoor Air Quality Testing

Humans consume 1% food, 1% water and 98% air. Air causes more sickness than anything else based on airborne bacteria, mold and pathogens. It’s critical to have your air quality tested and remediated to a level of extremely high quality.

We’re certified by the Indoor Environmental Standard Organization to gauge the quality of your air, and we use a Zefon air sampler to collect samples used to test quality. Depending on our findings, we can administer air quality treatments to address concerns of Sick Building Syndrome (SBS), air quality contamination and more.

Negative Ion Generator Machine

Our negative ion generator machine is an air scrubbing machine (negative air machine) that generates negative ions to clean the air. Most modern homes and offices have high levels of positive ions that come from electronics. Negative ions keep you healthy, but need to be reintroduced via this special machine to take effect.

Ready to start breathing the cleanest possible air in your home or business? Contact New Air Technologies, Inc. and let us introduce you to the amazing power of negative ion generation. We’ll eliminate odors, bacteria, mold spores, carcinogens and other unhealthy particulates from your air, so you can breathe deeply with confidence. Contact us today at  860-767-1542.

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